Create a Six-Figure Service-Based Business with the #1 Business Expansion Coach & Strategist Shaniece M. Wise

Learn the Step-By-Step Process on How to Build a Six-Figure Service-Based Business from Scratch

This course empowers new business owners with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to achieve their financial and entrepreneurial goals.

Are you ready to...

CREATE a business with a solid foundation that attracts your target audience and generates six-figures in revenue


ENJOY the freedom to spend time and money on yourself, your family, and your friends because you have built a revenue-generating business


ADD a stream of clients who are a joy to work with, a pleasure to serve, who do not mind paying what the program or service is worth


PURSUE your passions and dreams without sacrificing your income or your lifestyle


ENSURE that you have a solid framework that transforms your target audience and keeps them coming back for more


DEVELOP systems and strategies that allow your business to operate without you


BECOME an UNSTOPPABLE business success with unlimited growth potential without the stress most brand-new business owners undergo


Get the business expansion course created by one of Influence Digest’s top-rated business coaches, Shaniece M. Wise!

“After being in business for 8 months, I joined Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program. The first month of working with Shaniece, I did $10,000 in 28 days. That was the most that I had ever accomplished in my business. Working with Shaniece has taught me that consistency is the key. When you set goals make sure you do everything in your power to reach those goals. There is no blaming game because you must take responsibility for your actions. I fell in love with Shaniece and her style of coaching because not only did she coach me, but she prayed for me as well. She took the time to pray over me, my family and different situations that I encountered. She allowed me to believe that God has something greater in store for me. Honestly, just being connected with Shaniece has caused my business to blow up.


Kitorah Sandy-Forbes, CEO of Kreative Kreations By Kitorah

You’re Just Eight Simple Steps Away from Building a Six-Figure Business Strategy!

For the first time ever, get a step-by-step road map on how to build a six-figure business from scratch from the number one business expansion coach and strategist on the planet.

Build a Six-Figure Business NOW,™ will provide the step-by-step guidance you need to:


Adopt a millionaire’s mindset that will allow you to transform your thoughts from working in corporate America to entrepreneurship to prepare for million-dollar goals


Identify the problem your business solves by effectively communicating that you are the solution to your target audience’s pain points, problems, and issues.


Research and diagnose the needs and wants of your target audience to allow you to develop the perfect offer to serve them


Transform your clients from problem to solution by creating a solid business framework


Determine the right pricing model for your offers, allowing you to become more confident about the results your customers will receive when they work with you


Create marketing visibility strategies that will get your business in front of your target audience while attracting and retaining new customers


Implement the right strategies to build your business to the six-figure mark and beyond


Keep building relationships by staying connected to a like-minded business community to help you continue growing throughout every stage of your business

Why is this Course Important for New Business Owners?

This course…


Will help navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship by providing expert guidance and insights to help business owners make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.


Will help new business owners with the essential business skills needed when running a business, like business setup, marketing, financial management, and strategic planning.


Condenses and streamlines the learning process, enabling new business owners to fast-track their success and avoid costly mistakes.


Is focused on helping new business owners achieve financial success quickly, which can cause a return on your investment and hard work sooner rather than later.


Offers practical, actionable strategies that new business owners can implement right away.


Helps boost the confidence of new business owners by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.


Comes with assignments and milestones, which will help new business owners stay accountable and make steady progress toward goals.


Don’t Take My Word for It…

View these video testimonials from my clients.

“After speaking with Shaniece about her Business Coaching Program, I felt confident that she could help me reach my goals and help me break them down into manageable steps. After making my first payment, I never looked back. I was very clear about what I wanted to get out of working with her. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and learn real strategies to help build my business. Since working with Shaniece I had one of my highest months ever, which was 16k month. She has taught me that it is okay to pray and dream big because God can do a lot of things. Shaniece’s program provides not only business coaching but a community of women and when you are around the right community, you inspire each other. If you are ready to level up your business, then Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program is for you.”


Acquania Escarne, Wealth Strategist & CEO of The Purpose of Money

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to…

Working far too many hours for far too little money


Bouncing from income crisis to income crisis


Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and frustrated by all the work you’re putting in; striving to get ahead without seeing any significant improvement


Being stuck working for other people’s dreams rather than building your own


Knowing you should be making from six to two hundred times what you’re bringing in now, but still, you do not know how to get there


Barely enough time for yourself, let alone friends and family because you’re too busy serving other people


Holding back out of fear you’ll fail, or worse, lose what you’ve already got


Daydreaming about the life you’d like to live, instead of living it

You will have one year from enrollment to complete this course

Who is Shaniece M. Wise?

Almost two decades ago, I was just like you. I wanted a strong six-figure business, but I thought hustling and grinding was the only way to get there, regardless of the toll it took on my health, happiness, or family.


I found myself so focused on working to create the life I wanted my son and me to be able to live that I couldn’t enjoy the life I was building!


Worse yet, I was missing out – not spending time with my son and family – the two most important priorities in my life.


Eventually, under all that stress and strain, my life collapsed. This forced me to re-evaluate my choices and re-prioritize my workload.


That’s when everything changed for me. I now have the freedom and flexibility to run my own business and spend quality time with my family. I take vacations without worrying that my business – and revenue – will stop if I am away.


If the idea of being free to step away from your business without worrying that it will fall apart financially sounds good to you, I encourage you to enroll in this course now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Service-based business owners who are starting businesses or rebranding an existing business. For example: Coaches, Consultants, Strategists, Teachers, Educators, Lawyers, Accountants, Therapists, Doctors, Nurses, Event Planners, Speakers, Authors, Course Creators, Real Estate Agents, Airbnb Hosts, Financial Specialists, etc.

This course is released in a drip format. The first module will be available after you enroll and each additional module is released every seven days. This gives you time to work on the activities for each module.

Shaniece M. Wise started her coaching business in 2008, and before that, she was running a business in multi-level marketing, where she reached the pinnacle of success. To learn more about Shaniece, click here.

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The next step is to implement everything you learn in the Build a Six-Figure NOW Course. We understand there was a lot of information shared for you to digest as a business owner. There will be some business owners who will decide to do the work on their own, while others will want and need the Live support of a business coach like Shaniece. The best advice is to schedule a Discovery Session with Shaniece and/or one of her Unstoppable Team members to discuss what’s next for you and what category best fits you.

A service-based business is a company that performs tasks for the benefit and service of its customers. These tasks may include coaching, consulting, educating, traveling, personal shopping, transportation, cleaning, hospitality, or maintenance.

No, all sales are final.

You will have access to the content for one calendar year beginning on the date of enrollment.

Yes, this course will give you the steps you need to get started. If you have any questions you can email us at and give us 48 to 72 hours.

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