Build a 6-Figure Business NOW

My online course offers a step-by-step blueprint for entrepreneurs who are sick of hustling and grinding and are ready to enter into a season where success comes with ease and business flows their direction

This Course is Designed to Serve Entrepreneurs Who:

✓ Desire to build a business they absolutely love filled with clients they are excited to serve.


✓ Want to develop a strong, heart-centered connection to their audience.


✓ Are looking to increase their revenue and decrease their expenses.


✓ Dream of generating six figures or more in annual revenue.


✓ Believe it is possible for their business thrive and grow and are ready to invest in making it happen.

Two Hours to Unlock Six-Figure Dreams

In just 8 modules that are only 15 minutes long, I will equip you with the right strategies to help you build your business to 6 figures and beyond. That may sound too good to be true but that’s only because most people overcomplicate business.

The best strategies are not complicated. They are so simple that children can understand and implement them.

The Simple Steps Required to Build a 6-Figure Business:

✓ Adopt a millionaire’s mindset


✓ Identify the problem the business solves, the unique solution that business offers, and the audience that’s – perhaps literally – dying to receive it


✓ Research and diagnose the needs of the audience


✓ Develop cohesive branches of revenue that allow the business owner to increase revenue and impact without increasing the time required to get there


✓ Determine the right pricing for those offers


✓ Create strong visibility strategies that get the business in front of that ideal audience


✓ Implement the right strategies to build a 6-figure business and beyond


✓ Keep building relationships by staying connected to a like-minded community and hire the right mentors to help the business owner continue to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally

That’s it. Anyone who can do these 8 things, which I will teach you how to do in my course, can build a 6-figure business starting right now.

“After being in business for 8 months, I joined Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program. The first month of working with Shaniece, I did $10,000 in 28 days. That was the most that I had ever accomplished in my business. Working with Shaniece has taught me that consistency is the key. When you set goals make sure you do everything in your power to reach those goals. There is no blaming game because you must take responsibility for your actions. I fell in love with Shaniece and her style of coaching because not only did she coach me, but she prayed for me as well. She took the time to pray over me, my family and different situations that I encountered. She allowed me to believe that God has something greater in store for me. Honestly, just being connected with Shaniece has caused my business to blow up.”

Kitorah Sandy-Forbes, CEO of Kreative Kreations By Kitorah

Who I AM

My name is Shaniece M. Wise. I wasn’t always a business expansion coach and an Anointed Prophet of Profits. There was a time when I was like most of the clients who enroll in this program:


  • Doing work I didn’t love doing and wasn’t born to do but afraid to leave it because I didn’t think I could make money doing what I was born to do.
  • Not listening to myself and trusting my intuition.
  • Convinced that hustling and grinding was the only way to rise and shine.
  • Shrinking in on myself and allowing myself to be stripped of my personality and changed until I wasn’t me anymore.
  • Afraid to let go because I didn’t think I could afford to lose one more thing in my life.


I didn’t realize that by staying in that situation, I was losing me!


I lost my home. My credit was in the mud. I felt like a failure. I was so ashamed. I was sure that if people knew how bad things were, they’d tell me “I told you so.” I couldn’t stand that thought.


It got so bad I thought about taking my own life. My son was the only reason I didn’t. I knew this couldn’t be all there is. There had to be something better. There had to be a better way!

Both my family and God intervened to help pull me out of that situation. It was here that God showed me that everything I went through on the way out of that bad situation was not for me. It was for those I would serve in the future.

In and through that period, I learned to fight differently and to walk with the Lord in a different way. That season led me to realize the most important truths of my life:


  • My heart’s true desires were a compass pointing the way forward to the greater purpose for my life.
  • Operating in alignment with what I was born to do brought success flowing my direction with ease – no hustling and grinding necessary.
  • Learning to trust myself and believe in myself is what will lead others to trust and believe in me.
  • I don’t need to apologize for who I am to anyone – I am who I am for a reason and for a purpose!
  • Letting go of what you don’t love is the best and fastest way to open myself up to receive what I do want and will love.


I felt like a flower blooming. I got my swag back. I started showing up and being visible again. It took time, but after I forgave myself, my dreams began to come true because I finally gave myself permission to live them.


17 years later, I’ve spoken on stages across the United States and was recently featured in the Influence Digest as one of the top 20 coaches in Columbus, Ohio in 2021. The accolades are wonderful but what matters most to me is seeing those I work with winning.

My clients are able to grow their businesses between 60% and 200% within 12 months of working with me NOT because I am great but because I am doing what I love doing and what I was born to do so that success flows naturally.

“I was already a million-dollar business owner with over 25 employees when I joined Shaniece’s Coaching Program, but I was overwhelmed and frustrated. After just seven months of working with Shaniece Wise, my company grew by over 30%. She has helped me implement the type of systems and strategies that have allowed me to work “on” my business instead of “in” my business as the CEO. This is my fourth year being in her program and I have added two more businesses with Shaniece’s help, and my employees have grown to over 40+. Shaniece gave me the permission to invest and believe in myself. The fact that she was praying for my business says it all.”

Lisa Gutierrez, CEO and Founder for Dos Hermanos Taco Truck

Taking a 360° View of Every Client

The biggest mistake I see business owners making all the time is that they focus solely on growing and developing their business without growing and developing themselves and their spiritual connection to God.


The truth is that a business can only grow to a certain point past the spiritual and personal development of the individual that founds it. Otherwise, it will end up collapsing in on itself because that personal and spiritual foundation isn’t strong enough to support the growth.


That’s why I always start with I AM and then work to help my clients find out “Who You Be!” That’s where we dig to find the intersection between what they love doing and what they can do with ease and excellence. That’s where they are going to find that thing they were born to do and, with it, their greatest ability to shine so that they can love what they do and profit from doing it.


For those who don’t yet know “Who They Be” or haven’t taken my Activating Your Gifts course or read the book that goes with it, I highly recommend they start there.

The Struggle is Real…But it Isn’t Necessary

Water doesn’t struggle to flow unless it’s trying to go uphill. The same thing is true of us all. We struggle when we’re not operating in a way that’s natural to us.


There is no badge of honor to be gained by struggling and fighting to create a business. All that happens is that you wind up tired, overwhelmed and overworked, wondering why you are doing this to yourself and whether or not the price you are paying is worth the gains you are making.


The method for creating a business that brings not only abundance but joy along with it is to enter into God’s R.E.S.T. by:


  1. Building Relationships on the principles of love for God, themselves, their families, and their neighbors
  2. Creating Ease and flow in their business and their finances.
  3. Improving Service through the organization of strategies and systems.
  4. Making Time for greater freedom and flexibility.


Giving up the hustle and grind can feel scary. Setting boundaries and limitations on the time spent working on the business can feel like a fast way to lose profits. Neither of those things is true.


In fact, when my clients begin to choose to REST, they find their businesses move from surviving to thriving and so do they. They have more time to invest in the relationships that matter most to them and the quality of their clients improves along with their finances.

“After speaking with Shaniece about her Business Coaching Program, I felt confident that she could help me reach my goals and help me break them down into manageable steps. I did not have the money when I first signed up, but I had the faith. After making my first payment, I never looked back. I was very clear about what I wanted to get out of working with her. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and learn real strategies to help build my business. Since working with Shaniece I had one of my highest months ever, which was 16k month. She has taught me that it is okay to pray and dream big because God can do a lot of things. Shaniece’s program provides not only business coaching but a community of women and when you are around the right community, you inspire each other. If you are ready to level up your business, then Shaniece’s Business Coaching Program is for you.

Acquania Escarne, Wealth Strategist & CEO of The Purpose of Money

Leap to the Next Level

There is no bridge from safety and security to the land of freedom and prosperity. At some point in time, it’s going to require a leap of faith.


That leap starts with this program. It starts with believing in yourself enough that you are willing to invest both the money and the time to take action on your dreams.


A life of ease, flow, and abundance is possible. The dreams you hold are all possible for you. But you have to take action. This program is easily worth ten times what I’m charging for it, but I know what it’s like to be stuck in a life of limitation so I am gifting you with the 90% discount because I believe you are worth it.


I know the plans that God has in mind for you. I know that He wants to prosper you and not to harm you. That He wants to take everything that has happened to you in your past and work it for your present and future good. I know that once you’ve completed this program and you see the possibilities that are open to you, you’ll come back ready to jump into my Building Beyond Six Figures program so we can work together to help you achieve your highest potential.

So step out in faith, sister. Believe in yourself and believe in your worth. Know that better things are on their way for you and they can begin today. All you have to do is enroll and then act on what you’ve learned so you can start Building a Six-Figure Business Now! 

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